This organic duo based in San Francisco, California, is creating a new wave of psychedelic dark music, with their bases on the 60's ideology and way of living, strong message, positive vibrations, anarchy, freedom, emotions and surrealism expressed in the form of sounds.

2016 They released their first studio album "Shamans of the future", also a EP called "DATA Vol1", exploring with beats and synthesizers founding a sound that moves them.

2017 The band was touring around south america, mostly Buenos Aires, Argentina , Montevideo, Uruguay and Mexico City, releasing their Ep "Singles", featuring with many latin musicians, such as Santi Mostaffa, Joe Volume and Ras Shanti, among others .

2018 A pretty busy year for them, with a couple of dark acoustic shows around San Francisco/Bay Area and Los Angeles, and with the release of their second album called "Back To Roots", recorded in two of the most famous studios in San Francisco, the legendary Hyde Street Studios located in the heart of downtown, there, the session was managed by the producer and drummer Chris McGrew, and in Ligthrail studios, iconic place just outside the city, there, Nick Dumitriu, producer and multi-instrumentalist, was the one who manage the session. Both sessions were filmed and the footage will be also released among with the album, all recorded with vintage gear, in an old school way. The mastering of the entire album was in charge of Gary Hobish at Armin Hammer Studios also from SF.

2019 Already with a bunch of shows in bay area they expect to expand their territory even more. And now releasing their new EP "Son of the Sun", all produced by Dave Shul in his studio, down in San Francisco.

Asking for more, ready to respond with power. Dillingers is decided to spread their psychedelic sound everywhere.